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Annual Stampede Parade

Entries in the Parade are divided into categories for judging purposes and for better communication between the section coordinators and a small group of entries.

The Parade categories details are:

CLASS 1 - Cowboys and Cowgirls

Includes Shetland Pony Group Entries, may be fancy dress, Cowboy or Indian. All entrants must be mounted.
a) Junior Cowpokes (16 & under) Prize Money: 1st - $25; 2nd - $20; 3rd - $15.
b) Senior Cowpokes (17 & over) Prize Money: 1st - $40; 2nd - $25; 3rd - $20.

Judging will be based on Practical Range Equipment, Horse Rider, Dress and General Appeal.

CLASS 2 - Glamour Class.

Prize Money: 1st - $50; 2nd - $35; 3rd - $25.
a) Western
b) All others, not western.
Judging based on Horse, Costume, Equipment and Showmanship.

CLASS 3 - Western Riding Groups

Prize Money: 1st- $100; 2nd- $60; 3rd - $40. Groups of riders dressed in Western theme. Judging based on Horses, Riders, Dress Equipment and General Appeal.

CLASS 4 - Comic: Entry Fee - $20

a) Open: Entries may be individual or a group. BUT groups will be judged as a single entry. Judging based on humor and costume. Prize Money: 1st - $50; 2nd - $35; 3rd - $25.

b) Floats: Entries, this class must consist of a unit or a float of a comical nature. Personnel and units or floats are judged for humor, originality and construction. Prize Money: 1st - $150; 2nd - $75.00; 3rd - $50.

CLASS 5 - Commercial Floats: Entry Fee -  $20

Prize Money: 1st - $275; 2nd - $175; 3rd - $125. A float or decorated car entered by a person or firm engaged in manufacturing or processing or a firm engaged in the wholesale or retail business. Such vehicle should bear the sponsor’s name and related advertising.

Class 6 - Organizations: Entry Fee - $20

Prize Money: 1st - $200; 2nd - $100; 3rd - $75. A Float or decorated car entered by, or on behalf of an ORGANIZATION, FRATERNAL GROUP, CLUB OR LODGE. These must be primarily of an artistic nature or represent a theme and may bear entrant’s name.

CLASS 7 - Community Floats: Entry Fee - $20.

Prize Money: 1st - $175; 2nd - $100; 3rd - $75. Float or Marching Group representing City, Town or Municipality.

CLASS 8 - Special Ranch Class: Entry Fee - $20.

Prize Money: 1st - $150; 2nd - $75; 3rd - $50. Entry may consist of group of riders, chuckwagon, load of cattle or buggies.

CLASS 9 - 4H Clubs: Entry Fee - $20.

Prize Money: 1st - $100; 2nd - $60; 3rd - $40. Judging will be based on theme, originality and construction.

CLASS 10 - Big People, Little People: Entry Fee - $20.

Prize Money: 1st - $150; 2nd - $75.00; 3rd - $50.

A float or decorated car entered by an organization providing services for children, teens or students (i.e. Day Care, Big Brothers, Hire-A-Student, Block Parents, etc.)

CLASS 11 - Antique Cars, Trucks and Tractors.

Eligible vehicles must be of **1978 vintage or earlier, in running condition and must carry make and vintage identification, but no advertising.

**CLASS 12 - Non competitive.

This class is provided for individuals or firms wishing to enter a float for advertising or good will purposes and is not desired to compete for a prize. Entries in this class must be 60% decorated with the exception of rental and dealership vehicles.

Each category has its own requirements - please make sure to read the general rules and regulations.

The Parade Committee may reassign your entry. If we feel a change like this needs to be made, we'll talk to you about our reason for moving your entry. In order to have a successful parade, we try to get a balanced mix of the different kinds of entries. This means that, even if your entry meets all our requirements, we may not accept it because that category is already fully represented. If you have questions about any of the categories, please contact us.