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Annual Stampede Parade

Parade Day Information

The Parade will commence to form up at 8:30am on Second Street proceeding north towards the river. Please DO NOT move into position until your Section Marshal directs you.

Throughout the parade route, please maintain an average of twenty to thirty feet between entries

Avoid crowding of horse groups to prevent spooking of the animals and subsequent injury to horse and rider.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, please pull off to one side and wait for an opportunity to re-enter the parade.

Gaps in the parade hurt and are criticized. Do your best to keep it a good show.


See Form up Map HERE

Parade Safety and Etiquette
· The golden rule is "bums on the curb, feet in the gutter".
· Please do not cross the route after the Parade starts.
· Keep a close eye on children during the parade. Children can cheer and wave, but it is dangerous for them to run onto the street for handshakes, autographs or hugs.
· It may be cool when you first find a place to watch the parade, but it quickly heats up. Heat exhaustion can have serious consequences so remember water, a broad hat and SPF 30 sunscreen.
· If it looks like rain during the parade, please bring raingear, but leave your umbrellas at home. Umbrellas block the view of people behind you who also want to see the parade

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