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Annual Stampede Parade

Rules & Regulations

 1.    Your completed signed and/or electronically submitted Application Form is your ACCEPTANCE, on behalf of your Entry and all your Entry’s participants, of all Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede (MHES) Parade Rules & Regulations.

2.    All entrants must show up for judging by 7:30am

3.    Judging to begin at 7:45am

4.    Location of all entries in the parade will be determined by the Parade Committee.

5.    NO MATERIAL MAY BE THROWN FROM FLOATS or distributed along the parade route before or during the parade.  Anyone doing so will immediately be withdrawn from the parade. No water guns allowed. No solicitation of Business Brochures or material of any kind.

6.    The instructions of route and street control personnel must be obeyed.

7.    Any entry which slows the progress of the parade may be withdrawn at any location along the parade route.

8.    If you have music on your entry, kindly indicate so that you will not be placed next to a band.

9.    All vehicles must adhere to Alberta Traffic Safety Act. (must be licensed and have liability insurance - spot checks will be made and entry refused or non-compliance, including consumption of alcoholic beverages on or in floats).

10.    Maximum height of floats is 13 feet in order to clear the CPR Underpass, overhead wires and decorations on streets.


12.    Helmets are recommended for scooters, ATV’s/UTV's, dirt bikes and all other personal transportation units.

13.    The Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede assumes no responsibility in connection with, and makes no representation as to safety of any Parade Entry, in whole or in part, solely by reason of compliance with MHES Parade Rules and Regulations.

14.    The ultimate responsibility for safety lies with each individual Entry. Entries must comply with all MHES Parade Rules and Regulations as well as comply with all Government Regulations, safety codes, manufacturer’s recommendations and similar standards.

15.    The MHES Parade Committee determines location of all Entries in the Parade and the Entry must maintain that position throughout the parade unless otherwise directed by a MHES Parade Official.

16.    All Entries including personnel must be in position and ready for judging by 7:45 a.m. on parade day. NOTE: MHES Parade Officials may, in some cases, direct earlier positioning and/or judging. Float entries.

17.    MHES Parade Officials will reject any Entry on Parade Day that does not meet the regulations or conform to the description on their Parade Application. The only exceptions would be for Entries arriving in better appearance than described!

18.    Parade Pace: All Entries, (including Marching Bands), must be willing & sufficiently physically fit to maintain both the parade Pace (3.8kph = 210ft/min) & Spacing (2 on-road white “skip-lines” between Entries). Entries unable or refusing to maintain parade walking pace and/or spacing (as MHES Parade Officials direct) may be removed from the parade route.

19.    All instructions of MHES Parade Officials must be obeyed. Failure to do so will result in removal from the Parade & may jeopardize participation in future MHES Parades. SAFETY is our first priority – yours and our spectators!

20.    The MHES Parade has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for those choosing to abuse our Volunteers or our Entries. Please promptly report violators to Parade Officials on route (or afterwards to the Parade Committee Chair). 

21.    The use of noisemakers or band practice is forbidden near animals. The Firing of Firearm is not permitted (Live or Blank)!

22.    All vehicles must be in good mechanical condition and properly serviced prior to the Parade. Special attention must be paid to cooling systems, exhaust systems, brakes, steering and tires.

23.    Provision for emergency towing must be available on all motorized units (e.g. tow hook, tow chain or other such device).

24.    ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND PROHIBITED DRUGS ARE FORBIDDEN. Participants whom MHES Parade Officials believe have consumed alcohol or prohibited drugs prior to or during the Parade will be ejected from the Parade.