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Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede



“A Tradition Since 1887 - A Legacy for the Future”

Preserving our History

Most would agree that the the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede Company (MHE&S) has a rich history. Its Vision Statement clearly speaks to that, “A Tradition Since 1887-A Legacy for the Future”. The problem is that few people up until now were aware of it. Apart from the effort of George Willcocks with the publication in 1996 of the book, “A History of the Exhibition and Stampede in Medicine Hat”, very little had been done to document and preserve the cultural history of the organization in any meaningful and effective manner. A concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a vital link to our cultural, educational, esthetic and economic legacy. History is not obscure or unimportant.

History does matter.

Why is our history important?

For most people, history starts with simply learning about our own family and their roots. There has always been a general appeal to nostalgic images and historical family photographs and family information detailing milestone events. Creating a family tree or pedigrees is a common pastime. It creates a sense of belonging and evokes pride in our own heritage. 

Family history is very important.

Preserving the history of an organization is just as important. It’s about capturing and preserving the “organizational memory” of the company as a means of promoting its corporate legacy, reinforcing its unique brand and enhancing and strengthening the strategic objectives of the organization. It establishes "roots", creates an identity and enhances pride in its accomplishments.

It becomes a valuable marketing tool.

It assists the organization in maintaining “true” to its mission and values.

History is important.

Heritage Resource Management and Organizational Memory Strategy

Creating a heritage resource management and organizational memory strategy is all about preserving the enterprise knowledge, “that body of knowledge, past, present and future which is necessary to the achieve the strategic objective of the organization.” Enabled by technology, supported by the leadership and being committed to a sustainable economical and resource framework, a corporation can reap huge benefits. It’s about sharing the organizational knowledge for the benefit of both internal and external stakeholders in a meaningful way that enhances the long-term objectives of the organization and creates pride within the company.

Creating a heritage resource management and organizational memory strategy is all about capturing the company’s culture, its current role and its vision for the future and most importantly, places in historical perspective its relevance to the community it serves.

The goal should be to chronicle the historical record of the corporation in an engaging way that speaks to the energy and excitement of its corporate objectives and its mission and values to an array of current and future audiences. The goal is to reach new audiences through new inter-disciplinary approaches and to fill the gaps from the traditional documentary record-based approach.

What is really valuable from the standpoint of the MHE&S is how its history, which is part of its Brand, makes us standout in our community. It is our most unique asset. Our history, which creates authenticity to our Brand, allows us to leverage our legacy and heritage into the future and engage and attract new stakeholders and audiences.

It generates added value by creating greater public awareness, strengthens consumer loyalty and attracts new enthuiastic customers, some of whom will become our future leaders.

“A Tradition Since 1887-A Legacy for the Future”

The Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede Company has an impressive history and it is a story, which should be told. This is a unique asset and it is one which should be fostered, encouraged and promoted in an effective and meaningful way.

Recognizing the importance of the history of the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede Company and desirous of preserving its history and creating and developing a Heritage Resource Management Strategy, the Board of Directors established a Historical and Heritage Resource Management Committee (May 2018) with its stated objective to preserve the heritage resources of the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede Company and to enhance, record and preserve for posterity its rich history.

To that end, this historical portal on its website was launched with the goal of reaching out and informing as many as possible about the unique history of the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede Company and to help carry on the tradition and build and preserve a legacy for the future.

We hope you enjoy the site, after all…..history is important!

William J. Anhorn
Chairman, Historical and Heritage Resource Management Committee
Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede Company
Medicine Hat, Alberta
May 17th, 2019